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Vedic Maharishi Dr. Balwinder Aggarwal , Jyotish Maharishi known for his accurate solutions, is the personal Astrologer of several V.V.I.P's both of Indian and International. He is the author of books on "Panch Maha Yagya." Dr. Balwinder Aggarwal working from 26 Years in this field.

A brief introduction about myself. I am Dr.Balwinder Aggarwal from India, Bourn in the root of “HIMALYA”. The city of "MAHARAJA BUSHAHR" protected by the grace of all mighty an ancient "SHAKTI PEETH" of prashakti "MAA BHIMA KALI" in east.2.satyugi sanatan place of prashakti "SHRIKHAND" mahadev in "NORTH " ultimate worship place formed by "PANDAV" and worshiped by "MAHARISHI NARAD JI" called as "PRASHAKTI SHRAI KOTI" in the south.4.the owner of the universe "PRASHAKTI AMBICA MAYIA" situated in vill.nirmand formerly known as "CHHOTI KASHI" in the west of my birth place. I feel the "GRACE" of this power”s every whare ,any time. 

I welcome you to the fascinating world of Astrology. From time immemorial man has turned heavenwards seeking answers and guidance in their lives! Dating back to the origins of one of the oldest religions of the World; Hinduism; from which Astrology has its roots. This caught my interest at an early age, as did casting of horoscopes and predictions based on it. Having started doing it as a hobby, I of realized I had an uncanny "knack" for accuracy. I worked and studied it, preparing hand calculated charts(computers were not available to me back then) till I reached a stage where I became what can be considered as a Master in this field of science.

Estiblished :- 

1. Indian Institute Of Astrology  : Institute of Astrology And Vastu based on Vedic Sanskriti

2. Prashakti Kripa Kendra : To spread over the Panch mahayagya (पञ्च-महा यज्ञ) in all over India and abrode working as Inner Healing specialist "ध्यान-योग"since 1986 started sadhna (साधना) from Himalya (himachal pradesh) शिव मंदिर गांव डाकोलर जिला शिमला हिमाचल प्रदेश  and Preecher "धर्म गुरु" of Vedoct Sanskriti (वैदिक संस्कृति)  Geeta-Ramayan-upnishad-Mahabharat (श्री गीता,रामायण,उपनिषद,महाभारत) To save our Hindutv and its Importance   हिंदुत्व की रक्षा हेतु कार्यरत हैं 


  • Awards of “Super Category Membership & PMIFA (S) with gold Medal” for spiritual sciences for the cause of human welfare from international fedration of Astrology & spiritual science India, srilanka ,Nepal ,Bangladesh, Australia , Ireland, U.S.A. & Canada.
  • Award of “Jyotish Maharishi” from Kashi.
  • Award of “Vastu Vidya Visharad” with “gold Medal” from Bhartiya vedic Jyotish sansthanam Varanasi.
  • Award of “Vastu Ratna shri" from Varanasi.
  • Upadhi of “Vedic Rishi “ awarded in tritya akhil bhatiya jyotish sammelan maharishi bhrigu shabhagar paladin,Ahmedabad (Gujrat).
  • Daivgya of “Panch mahayagya” invented from veda (Base of Hindu Mythology).
  • “Acharya in Karamkand” from shanti kunj Haridwar.
  • “The founder director "Prashakti Kripakendra” shiv Mandir, Vill. Dakolor (New Rampur Bushahar). Distt. Shimla(HP) Pin -172001
  • “Bhakti yog specialist” 
  • "धर्म गुरु"  भारतीय विद्वत मंडल मुजफ्फरनगर द्वारा ससम्मान दिया गया